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Is Your Tinnitus Getting Louder?

Stop The Ringing Cure For TinnitusHearing unwanted ringing, buzzing, whistling, or hissing in the ears or in the head, is a major problem already, and having your tinnitus getting louder is only that much worse. Perhaps it’s time to make some changes in order to stop your tinnitus from getting louder. CLICK HERE.View the original article here

By definition, tinnitus is when the hearing nerve in the inner ear transmits signals to the brain that were not caused by an external source. Unfortunately tinnitus is very common and occurs in about 1 out of 10 adults, usually favoring those over 40 years old. 

There are some simple things that you can do to help stop your tinnitus getting louder. 

1.) Relax your stress and anxiety away. Stress and anxiety can play a major part in making your tinnitus louder. Listen to soothing music, follow relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation, or a hot bath. Unwanted stress can cause muscle tension, anxiety and irritability, making your tinnitus worse causing more stress. It’s a horrible cycle. 

2.) Pay attention to the foods you eat and adjust your diet accordingly. For some people, alcohol and caffeine are causes for their tinnitus getting louder. 

3.) Use a noise machine to get more sleep. At night, it’s hard to sleep when it’s quiet because the ringing may seem louder. Then the next day you’re more tired, which causes more anxiety and stress. Lack of sleep can cause depression, negative thoughts, and a result increased anxiety and tinnitus. 

Using a noise machine at night while sleeping can help make the ringing sound less isolated making it easier to sleep. 

4.) See your doctor. There are a lot of things that cause tinnitus getting louder that your doctor can assist you with. Anything from a head or neck injury, sinus complications, middle or inner ear infection, tumor on the auditory nerve, or excessive wax build up, can make your tinnitus louder. 

Also, medication and large amounts of aspirin over a period of time can cause your tinnitus to get louder. Again, ask your doctor. 

5.) Use ear protection. Excessive prolonged noise can cause tinnitus and hearing loss, and if you already have tinnitus, can make it louder. Use ear plugs or ear muffs to protect your ears. 

6.) Use a hearing aid, or hearing aid with a masking capability. Hearing aids help to hear the normal sounds around you better so that the ringing doesn’t stand out and in this case help stop tinnitus getting louder. A hearing aid with masking emits a frequency that helps drown out the ringing. 

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